Robert Schumann

Complete Music for Piano 4 hands

Paola Del Negro & Roberto Plano


Wonderful review on American Record Guide,
one of the most prestigious classical music magazine in the USA!

“I have enjoyed this program many times. Plano and Del Negro play as one, and their musicality brings all 42 of these little pieces to life. Like much of Schumann’ solo piano music, these are groups of short pieces: 8 Polonaises, 12 Duets for Small and Large Children, 6 Pictures from the East, 9 Ball-Szenen, 6 Kinderball pieces, and one short isolated piece. Since this current release limits itself to music originally composed for piano duet, it is a perfect complement to the Eckerle Piano Duo series on Naxos, which is up to its fifth volume of Schumann music arranged for piano duet.
Brilliant’s recorded sound is excellent, as are the notes. That makes this release much more than a complete set for your library.
There are nuances and surprises at every turn. For anyone who enjoys Schumann’s piano music, this is an essential set of relatively unknown works in a very familiar style, but a slightly different medium.”
J. Harrington - American Record Guide


Brilliant Classics double CD "Schumann, Complete Music for Piano 4-hands" has been awarded the maximum 5-star rating by MUSICA, one of the most important classical music Italian magazines!"

[…] Convincente l'interpretazione di Roberto Plano e Paola Del Negro, uniti nell'arte e nella vita. Il loro suono è molto bello, sempre sensibile al fascino della scrittura e della poetica schumanniana. Risolvono brillantemente i passaggi più rischiosi mantenendo costante la tensione narrativa e la qualità timbrica. Ben curata la dinamica e l'agogica. Il loro Schumann è luminoso e incredibilmente ricco di pathos e di colori, dettato da grande profondità interpretativa. Non mancano lirismo, virtuosismo, ricchezza, sfumature ed entusiasmo."
Alberto Cima - MUSICA

        Wonderful review of Schumann Complete Music for Piano 4 hands double CD on TheWholeNote!
"The jubilant sense of teamwork is undeniable in this recording. Pianists Roberto Plano and Paola Del Negro are an unyielding force together, beautifully attuned to each other's ideas and expressions, and clearly ardent about Schumann's music. Here we hear it all: passion, precision, style, energy and, above all, joy.[…] They played with a combination of gusto and lyricism and an evident sense of style. With this album Plano and Del Negro pay tribute to all the intricacies and wonders of Schumann's piano music while bringing forward their own artistic perspectives."
Ivana Popovic - TheWholeNote


The new Brilliant Classics CD Robert Schumann, Complete Music for piano 4 hands is featured as one of the Recommended New Releases on MusicWeb International!
"[…] the married couple Roberto Plano and Paola Del Negro are admirable throughout these CDs […] To say that I found this music consistently engaging would be an understatement. To add to its virtues, this excellently performed and recorded collection is also an outstanding bargain.”
Philip Borg-Wheeler - MusicWeb International


Great review on The Rehearsal Studio!
[…] There is a freshness in the interpretations provided by the Planos that serves up a listening experience that is almost as much fun as playing these pieces."
Stephen Smoliar - The Rehearsal Studio


Roberto Plano & Paola Del Negro double CD "Schumann, Complete Music for Piano 4-Hands" featured in the show "Primo Movimento" on RaiRadio3 (Italian National Radio)!
Rai Radio 3 - Primo Movimento
January 20th, 2020


E. Grieg, complete music for piano 4 hands

Paola Del Negro Plano & Roberto Plano
Brilliant Classics
Released in May 2023
Bartok Studio, Bernareggio - Italy